Tyler Mens Golf at The Cascades

If you belong to a "Golf Club" and your club is going to be passionate about golf, and be the best golf club for you, your family and your business…..it had better have the best golf playing programs.  The best "golf" describes the Cascades.

The Men’s Golf Association of Cascades has a long history of providing the most…and best golf competition and social activities in East Texas.  With men’s groups that play 6 days per week, there is something for everyone……that fit’s into your schedule.  Young in age or young at heart….the Men’s groups have been appealing to passionate golfers at Cascades for decades.

Various Playing Groups – The Cascades is a place where you can find a game everyday, Tuesday through Saturday.  Let our golf staff help you find a group that is the right fit for your playing and competitive level.

Senior Group – With the extraordinary climate and culture of East Texas, it comes as no surprise that senior golfers are a growing group at Cascades.  To participate in the Senior games, members must be 50 years of age and share a passion for golf and camaradarie.

We have an active senior group which has events every month starting in March and going through November. There are also other senior events which include members from the other clubs in the area.  In addition, show up around 7 or 8 every morning....you will find these guys having coffee and ready to play.

Tournaments – The club stays active with events (please see the calendar of events). Starting in March and going through November the club has events each month no matter what your level or desire is. We have a wide variety of events ranging from individual stroke play to four person scrambles. You will not find the same format in back to back events ever and are always looking to introduce new exciting games to our membership.