Ladies Golf at The Cascades

At Cascades, lady golfers are no exception.  Because golf is our passion, creating equal access and programs for our ladies is a cornerstone of our club.  The Ladies Golf Association, know as Lady Golfers of Cascades (LGC) works hard each year to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for all of the members, regardless of skill level and busy schedules.

18 Hole Group - Playing every Thursday beginning in March and through October, the ladies enjoy each other's company as well as a little friendly competition and camaradarie.

Tournaments - The Lady Golfers of The Cascades and their events are governed by the LGC (Ladies Golf Committee). This is a passionate group of ladies voted on each year by the ladies which sets tournament dates, formats, and introduces new ideas. This group is committed to growing women’s golf at The Cascades and welcomes newcomers with open arms. There is no doubt you will enjoy playing with the ladies in this group.