Golf Academy & Lessons

The Cascades Club offers a state-of-the-art learning and teaching center on the property, with access for golfers to top notch technology.   The facility is equipped with V1 Video Capture software and a 4-camera system that will record and allow our instructors to break down your golf swing in a multitude of ways.   Cameras are positioned for overhead, straight on, rear view and down the line video capabilities for both left and right handed players, to allow for the most advanced analysis of swing fundamentals and kinesthetic motion in the golf swing.   The brand new 2016 software and hardware package includes cameras that can film at 100 frames per second, a large screen TV for playback, CD burning and memory card storage capability, and the ability for our instructors to:

  • Automatically post videos to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Record a lesson while comparing live video to a previously recorded video/model
  • Send single video upload to student’s email addresses, mobile devices, PC’s and tablets
  • Set default swing position calculations and the ability to set a custom default swing tempo
  • Listen to audio memos recorded along with submitted swing videos provided by students through the V1 Golf iPhone app
  • Overlay swings to compare progress, or to analyze swings compared to touring professionals or other swing models
  • Freeze video and utilize drawing tools with lines, angles and circles to illustrate wanted or unwanted motion for each individual student

Additionally, The Cascades Club will have TrackMan in 2016, the industry leader in launch and ball flight monitors to provide real and measurable feedback to students across a variety of swing and ball flight variables listed:  Smash Factor, Spin Rate, Launch Angle, Carry Distance, Ball Speed, Club Speed, Dynamic Loft, Attack Angle, Club Path and Face Angle


The Cascades Club boasts world class practice facilities on site; a 6,000 square foot putting green, 2 chipping greens, 4 practice bunkers, multiple mounds and uneven lies, and a fairway bunker offer unique opportunities to hone your short game and specialty shots.  3 separate tee decks on our double ended driving range provide ample pristine natural turf to hit from, as well as several different angles for the many target greens on the practice range floor.

Junior Golf

The Cascades Club Junior Golf Program is dedicated to helping juniors develop a lifelong enthusiasm, respect and love for the game of golf.

The program is committed to providing expert instruction, a safe environment and supervised use of the practice range and golf course. Our goal is to provide an arena where sportsmanship, fun and education allow a junior's skills and understanding of the game to grow.

Click Here for Summer Junior Golf Camps Information
Saturday Evening Junior Golf League
Saturday's Beginning June 4th and concluding August 20th

For boys and girls ages 8-14, First starting tee time is 5:00 p.m. The league is designed to introduce junior golfers to the fun of playing using different formats. Each junior will be charged $5 for the evening to pay for pizza and cold drinks following golf. Every Saturday evening a golf shop staff member will be in attendance to choose the format, explain all guidelines for play, supervise and maintain a safe environment on the golf course, and to have refreshments available when play has finished. The junior golfer or a parent or guardian must call by Saturday at noon to sign up for the evening's festivities.

Junior Clubs and Apparel Options

Visit with the Golf Professional Staff to discuss options for outfitting your junior golfer! While we do not stock junior clubs, we have an active account with the industry leader in junior golf equipment, US Kids Golf, and can get anything from 1 club, to a starter set, to an entire set of matched junior golf clubs ordered for you and shipped within 7 days! US Kids has great clubs for junior players from 39” up to 63” in height, and lightweight options for all boys and girls.

Also, we offer kids apparel options from Under Armour, Adidas and Nike – get your junior looking sharp on the golf course. If they look and feel good, they will play better golf! For private junior lesson information, please refer to the Cascades Golf Academy and Instructional Programming page for Private Junior Lesson pricing.

2016 Golf Lesson Rates

Adult Lessons

Individual 1 Hour - $75
Package Of 3 1 Hour Sessions -
$200 ($225 Value)
Package Of 5 1 Hour Sessions -
$325 ($375 Value)

Individual ½ Hour - $40
Package Of 3 – ½ Hour Sessions -
$110 ($120 Value)
Package Of 5 – ½ Hour Sessions -
$175 ($200 Value)

Junior Lessons

Individual 1 Hour - $65
Package Of 3 - 1 Hour Sessions -
$180 ($195 Value)
Package Of 5 - 1 Hour Sessions -
$275 ($325 Value)

Individual ½ Hour - $35
Package Of 3 - ½ Hour Sessions -
$100 ($105 Value)
Package Of 5 - ½ Hour Sessions -
$150 ($175 Value)

Small Group Lessons/Clinics

2-3 People – 1 Hour - $100
4+ People – 1 Hour - $150
Playing Lesson – 1 Hour = $100; 9 Holes = $150

Contact Information

Address: 4511 Briarwood Road • Tyler, TX 75709
Main: 903.525.0000