Upcoming Member Events

For members of The Cascades, the Club calendar is available to share an overview of member events throughout the year. Please be aware that although we make a concerted effort to update weekly; due to weather and life events, it is best to look to our weekly updates and monthly newsletter for a complete monthly profile. Feel free to check with our reception desk for the details of
any upcoming member event.

The weekly update and newsletter are sent to the email address that was listed on your member application upon signing up as a new member. We have also found that many members prefer both spouses and/or family members that are members under your member account to also have this privilege to receive this information. If you would like to add a spouse, household family member listed on your account, or signifacant other, please notify the front desk as we are happy to assist.

For additonal member event information, to make reservations or for questions contact:
903.525.0000 or receptionist@cascadesoftexas.com

Click here to view the Member Event Calendar